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Raffle Winners!!

By Chris Goorsky, 06/07/17, 1:30PM CDT


We are drawing raffle winners every day in June!  Each winner will be contacted individually to make arrangements to collect their prize.  The winners are:

June 1st                 $20         Kari Heyn June 16th             $20         Kelli Kluge
June 2nd                $20         Kevin Calkins June 17th             $50         Mark Hartmann
June 3rd                $50         Jaimie McCoy June 18th             $50         Cassidie Allard

June 4th                $50         Wendy Soenksen

June 19th             $20         Kathy Bullock  
June 5th                $20         Kathy Bullock June 20th             $20         Lindsey Stevens

June 4th                $50         Wendy Soenksen

June 21st             $20         Beth Prindle
June 5th                $20         Kathy Bullock June 22nd            $20         Jamie Kunkel
June 6th                $20         Connor Goorsky June 23rd             $20         Chris Anderson
June 7th                $20         Sara Steinhorst June 24th             $50         Andy Moon
June 8th                $20         James Heyn June 25th             $50         Kari Edwards
June 9th                $20         Brad Boettcher June 26th             $20         Evarista Mikell
June 10th             $50         Carole Whitbeck June 27th             $20         Dale Hartmann
June 11th             $50         Heidi Silvers June 28th             $20         Kathy Bullock
June 12th             $20         Beau Wild June 29th             $20         Ray & Kat Laatsch
June 13th             $20         Wendy Soenksen June 30th             $500      Eric Heidi Justus
June 14th             $20         Ron Markley  
June 15th             $20         David Krueger